It’s just sad that I am not receiving the support I command for, I am not getting the help I seek for, and I am not achieving the success I fight for. Yet perhaps, I am not fighting hard enough for them.

But really, I am tired and stressed. I don’t think I can handle this anymore. It’s too much all at one go.

Help me.

Slightly disoriented?

Posted on the wrong tumblr, nearly had a panic attack.

Honestly, I’m just very sick and tired of all the relationship issues and academics dilemmas. I really wish I don’t have to go through so much and can lead a simpler life instead.
Really, am I just unfortunate or dumb for always making the wrong decisions?
Mistake in choice?

The walk home

Of course, we know that it’s the best I have that special someone to be our pillar of support, especially to go through this tough period together. But of course, we know that the right one has yet been found and so right now, we’re each alone.

But today, I finally know how good it feels to have someone to company you on your walk back home. At night.

Friends or not.

Note: Good guy may not be the right guy.

More than just grateful

Even though everyone has their own flaws which are not nice, but I have come to a realization recently, that I love them so much more for their kindness and all. I have amazing friends, though rare, but now that I know, I must treasure them well. Good friends are hard to come by.

I won’t ever forget your kindness in any little or big way.

100 days

It’s down to 100 days and I’m really fearful of what’s ahead and how things will turn out. I don’t want it to turn into a huge regret yet I just want to be happy right now.

Can’t stand having to deal with anymore downs in life, I just want to be happy.

Just want to be happy. Help me.

Moving on?

I don’t understand what are the different motivations that people have. Some of these people don’t seem to be working hard for themselves, but just aim to prove to others, why can’t they just prove to themselves? Do it for yourself.

Don’t even be bothered about about others and their performance, why bother about percentile, I don’t get it. Maybe because I’m running away, maybe it’s just me.

I’m so lost right now, not knowing how to move on from here, from now onwards. What should I do?

This is a terrible world to live in.

Struggling and suffocating.